A. Choose any

          4 pcs Sushi   8.25

          6 pcs Sushi   11.75

          8 pcs Sushi   15.50


   White Tuna


   Red Snapper



   Smoked Salmon



   Whelk Clam


B. Choose any

         3 Sushi Rolls   16.95

         4 Sushi Rolls   21.50

         5 Sushi Rolls   25.95

         6 Sushi Rolls   29.50

   California Roll

   Tuna Roll

   Salmon Roll

   Eel Roll

   Yellowtail Roll

   Avocado & Cucumber Roll

   Veggie Roll

   Shrimp Tempura Roll

   Tempura Tuna Roll

   Spicy California Roll

   Spicy Tuna Roll

   Spicy Salmon Roll

   Salmon Skin Roll

   Boston Roll                       

   Philly Roll

   Taiko Roll                        

   Yame Roll   

   Ichiban Roll [tuna, mango]

            SUSHI SPECIAL


C. Choose any

          3 Sushi Rolls   22.95

          4 Sushi Rolls   29.50

          5 Sushi Rolls   34.95

   Super Duper Roll

   Man in Black Roll

   Spicy Yellowtail Roll

   Spicy Beach Roll

   Hurricane Roll

   B.J. Roll

   Spider Roll

   Honolulu Roll

   KDH Roll

   Nags Head Roll

   Crazy Horse Roll

   Volcano Roll

   Hungry Roll

   Red Scorpion Roll

D. Choose any

          Sushi Roll   11.50

   Rainbow Roll

   Black Jack Roll

   OBX Roll

   Sunset Roll

   Atlantis Roll

   Dragon Roll

   White Dragon Roll

   Tempura Dragon Roll

   Tropical Thunder Roll

   Snow White Roll

   Sakura Roll

   Sunrise Roll



served with miso soup, vegetable,

fried rice or steamed rice


Hibachi Vegetable   7.75

Hibachi Chicken   8.25

Hibachi NY Strip   9.25

Hibachi Shrimp   9.25


served with miso soup, house salad, vegetable,

fried rice or steamed rice


Hibachi Vegetable   14.75

Hibachi Chicken   16.50

Hibachi NY Strip (8oz)   19.25

Hibachi Shrimp   19.75

Hibachi Chicken and NY Strip   22.25

Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp   22.75

Hibachi NY Strip and Shrimp   24.25