Miso Soup   2.25

   seaweed, tofu, green onion in soybean broth 

Clear Soup   2.25

   mushroom, seaweed, green onion  

Taiko Spicy Soup   6.95

   white fish, shrimp, fish cake, crab stick, vegetable

Tom Yum Soup   7.95

   shrimp, scallop, fish cake, crab stick, vegetable (spicy)


House Salad   3.75

Avocado Salad   4.95

Seaweed Salad   5.50

Squid Salad   6.50

   marinated squid

Kani Su   7.95

   cucumber rolled with crab stick, avocado in vinegar sauce

Tako Sunomono   8.95

   octopus on cucumber in vinegar sauce

Sunomono Combination   10.95

   shrimp, octopus, red clam, crab stick on cucumber in vinegar sauce


Edamame   4.50

   soy bean

Age Tofu   4.95

   lightly fried tofu with sauce

Spring Roll 4 pcs   5.25

Shumai 6 pcs   5.50

   japanese shrimp dumpling

Gyoza 6 pcs   5.95

   pork and vegetable dumpling

Veggie Tempura   5.95

   lightly fried vegetable

Yakitori   6.95

   chicken chunks and vegetable on skewer in teriyaki sauce

Shrimp Tempura   7.50

   lightly fried shrimp and vegetable

Tuna Taco   7.50

   tuna, mango, avocado on crispy wrap

Baby Octopus   8.50

   marinated baby octopus on cucumber

Sushi Appetizer 5 pcs   8.95


Spider Fried   8.95

   deep fried soft shell crab and vegetable

Tuna Tataki   9.95

   tuna chunks, masago, green onion in spicy sauce on seaweed salad

Peppered Tuna   9.95

   seared peppered tuna on cucumber in vinegar sauce

Sashimi Appetizer 7 pcs   11.50


Tsunami   12.95

   avocado stuffed with tuna, salmon, white tuna, masago   and green onion mixed in special sauce with a hint of spicy flavor